We all wish to be free of the stress of daily life.

While meditation may not free you completely from life’s problems, it can give you a valuable tool to help smooth out life’s ups and downs.

Tharlam Ling Buddhist Centre Inc. welcomes people of all faiths (or no faith!) who wish to investigate Buddhist beliefs.
Tharlam Ling follows the Tibetan School of Buddhism and the Sakya Lineage.
Our spiritual advisor and teacher is Lama Choedak Rinpoche. who completed a three and a half year, solitary, retreat under the patronage of His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

Tharlam Ling conducts Eight Week Introduction to Buddhist Calm Abiding Meditation Courses, in Townsville, three or four times a year, at James Cook University Chaplaincy.
This is a practical course in the sense that calming techniques learned over the eight weeks are designed to be used in ever day life, in real time and not just when meditating.

Calm Abiding Meditation helps develop mindfulness of body, feeling and thought.
Many past students have found continuing benefit in daily life, after completing the course.

Tharlam Ling facilitates Buddhist Teachings with Lama Choedak twice a year.
In May the Venue is in Townsville, and in September a Three Day Live in Retreat is held at Mr Spec, 80 klm north of Townsville.
These events, as with most Teachings and courses held by Tharlam Ling, are open to people of all faiths.

Tharlam Ling offers free talks at schools to students who may be doing a comparative study of religions or who would like to know more about Buddhist beliefs and practices.

Our Buddhist Centre also offers free chaplaincy services to all Townsville hospitals, nursing homes or those receiving care at private homes.

Buddhist funeral services are available in the local Townsville area at standard rate for a funeral celebrant.

Please feel free to contact Tharlam Ling Buddhist Centre if you would like more information about Buddhist Meditation in Townsville or information about Buddhist philosophy.

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