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Public Talks

  • Friday 1 May (7pm) ~ Buddhist Wisdom for Contemporary Living
  • Saturday 2 May (7pm) ~ How to Develop Emotional Literacy


Buddhist Teachings 

  • Saturday 2 May (9am to 4:30pm) ~ Health and Healing Through Seven Medicine Buddhas
  • Sunday 3 May (9am to 4:30pm) ~ Four Seals of Buddhist Wisdom

BYO lunch – morning and afternoon tea provided


  • Public Talk (Fri or Sat) $15 – general entry
  • Public Talk (Fri or Sat) $10 – member/concession
  • Single Day* (Sat or Sun + Public Talk) $90 or $70 early bird** – general entry
  • Single Day* (Sat or Sun + Public Talk) $80 or $60 early bird** – member/concession
  • Full Weekend (Sat + Sun + Public Talks) $170 or $150 early bird**- general entry
  • Full Weekend (Sat + Sun + Public Talks) $140 or $120 early bird** member/ concession

*if you are attending either the Saturday or Sunday teaching, public talk attendance on the Friday and Saturday night is free

**early bird payment due by 3 April 2020


Carville Seniors Hall, Cnr Diprose & Albur Streets, Pimlico, Townsville

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    • Tharlam Ling Buddhist Centre
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  • 0448 401 066

More Info

Health and Healing Through Seven Medicine Buddhas

Ill health generated by one’s unwholesome attitude cannot be cured by conventional medicine alone. One has to understand how specific mind states can contribute to ill health, and to learn to remedy them. By becoming conscious of the effects of negative attitudes, conduct and speech on one’s health informs, reforms and empowers the person to restrain them.

The empowerment of Healing Medicine Buddha, transmission of the healing mantra and meditation passed down through an unbroken lineage from a qualified Lama is of paramount importance.

This will include a training session on how to do the Healing Buddha meditation. You will also learn how to use it to assist friends and relatives who may be ill or dying. This healing meditation technique will compliment any form of medical treatment. This practice can reduce the side effects and increase the effectiveness of any medication.

It is especially recommended for health professionals, people with medical conditions and those who are interested in learning self-healing.

Four Seals of Buddhist Wisdom

Buddhism teaches the reality of all things ‘as they appear’ and ‘as they are’ on the basis of four principals known as ‘Four Seals’ which if accepted makes oneself as a signatory to live a compassionate, selfless and forgiving way of life.

Many people in the West have embraced Buddhism as a non-violent and peaceful approach to life without needing to see it as a religion.  One is encouraged to investigate and reject it if it does not suit one’s life.

Most people have difficulty in dealing with ‘the way life presents itself’ without accepting it with understanding, but Rinpoche says the difficulties in life are the catalyst and opportunities to put an unbreakable seal of right understanding and growth.

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See you on the weekend of 1-3 May 2020!