Teachings with Tibetan Lama Choedak Rinpoche.

Vajrasattva Empowerment with Creative Cleansing Meditation

With In-Depth Teachings on Four Noble Truths

9.00am – 5.00pm Saturday and Sunday

Lama Choedak has been teaching in Australia for 31 years.

He speaks fluent English (and some Aussie slang!)

Lama interprets for Tibetan Buddhist Teachers, at times doing simultaneous translation.

His teaching is delivered with great humour and insight.

Vajrasattva Practice

Buddha’s entire teaching is panacea to all problems in life. It is based on Four Noble Truths. Knowing this is highest cognitive therapy one can have and gain emotional literacy. Only thing that differs between Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana is methodology in self discipline, meditation and wisdom. Karma and afflictive emotions cause suffering in form of ill health, negative energy and addictive behavioural pattern. Vajrasattva is the primordial Buddha of purity and it has a profound sevenfold creative meditation practice which can cleanse and all gross negativities. One is only allowed to learn this practice from a qualified Tibetan Buddhist Lama by receiving an empowerment and oral transmission. On this weekend one will receive in depth teaching on the Four Noble Truths and learn to do Vajrasattva cleansing practice. Vajrasattva empowerment will be given at 11.00am on Saturday.

Fri 24 May – Sunday 26 May.
7 – 9.pm Friday and Saturday night
9am  – 5 pm Saturday and Sunday.

Free Public Talk Friday Night:

Acceptance of Natural Disasters.

Saturday Night Talk $15 / $10: OR  is free to those attending either day session.

‘How to Deal with Loss of Loved ones.’.

Main Topic
Buddhist practice, Vajrasattva and Four Noble truths.

Cost is $80/$70concession  Saturday
$80/70concession Sunday
$150/$130 concession for Full Weekend.


Carville Seniors Hall

Cnr Albury and Diprose Sts. Pimlico, T’ville 4812

BYO Lunch.

Morning /a/noon tea provided.

BYO Jacket as A/C is cold.