Eight Week Course: Introduction To Buddhist Calm Abiding Meditation Begins Tuesday 12 June May, 6 pm – 7:15 pm

Learn mindfulness of body, feeling and thought.

Suitable for beginner meditators or advanced.

Learn to deal with the ups and downs of daily life and remain calm!


This course is designed by Tibetan Lama Choedak who spent three and a half years in solitary retreat.

Course is  taught by Phil Heang .

Phil has been conducting Calm Abiding Meditation Courses since 2006

and has facilitated meditation at Soldier Recovery Centre, Lavarack  barracks, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre and for corporate groups.

Wear loose, comfortable, clothing.

Cushions and chairs provided, you choose, depending on your level of experience.

People of all faiths welcome.

Venue: Chaplaincy Building 131 James Cook University.

Cost per lesson: $10 /pensioners $5. .

Contact Phil.

Ph 0448 401 066

email pheang@bigpond.net.au